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Africa Photos

Africa has a great deal to offer. A hotbed of natural resources and home to such a diverse range of wildlife, the continent is in some ways one the richest in the world. However, the standard of living Africa's people still have to endure is extremely low, and with very little mony and relatively weak economies, the African nations are amongst the poorest in our world. Apart from Africa photos in magazines, or shots on TV, very few people are ever lucky enough to visit this naturally culturally diverse land. Yet alone, Africa photos can not even begin to convey the true wealth of this continent. Africa is not just a nation of tribal dances and spears; nor is it an idyllic paradise where exotic animals roam free. The media tend to focus on the stereotypes, and only feature African wildlife photos, or tribal images, completely missing the other side to this beautiful place.

Acacia TreeAs any keen Africa photos enthusiast knows, this more exotic side to Africa is one of its greatest features and is the reason most tourists visit the continent. A keen fan of Africa myself, I have spent the past year photographing Africa, and having been around the world, I can honestly say it is one of the most majestic and spiritually uplifting places I have ever been. Africa photos cannot even begin to sum up the African experience: the sites, sounds, and the textures of the world's most precious land. From the arid deserts to the baking North, Africa boasts a diverse wealth of cultures and peoples, which can simply never be caught on camera. These are the things I have tried to capture in my Africa photos. I have tried to show this hidden side, although to experience it yourself is to truly learn about the magic of the continent.

In the majority of my Africa phots, I like to focus on the cities and the people that call them home. Many of the Africa photos in the magazines will focus on the rural, tribal people, which are only part of the picture. It is hard for those who have never experienced the continent to understand the true Africa. Is it the ancient untouched land or beauty so often portrayed in the Africa photos everyone has seen? Or is it the bustling cosmopolitan Africa I see, with extreme poverty and comparative wealth? To be honest, the true Africa lies somewhere in the middle. No matter what you think, the Africa photos can never begin to paint the fuller picture, and the continent is definitely something to experience if given the opportunity.

The Africa photos we all know and love are one thing, but experiencing the culture and the diversity first hand are quite another. There is an air about the place; an atmosphere which cannot be captured by these images. I recommend you go - then you'll know what I mean!