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Amateir Digital Photography

Gone are the days when you take a photograph of your sweetheart with her head cut off from the trunk. Or that superb sunset amid breathtaking surroundings, coming out as an underexposed ghoulish picture where the sun is transformed into a not too glorious dot in the immediate foreground. Now with improved digital cameras, amateur digital photography is absolute fun.

Why amateur digital photography is such fun

Digital CameraThe biggest enjoyment is that you do not need to buy a film nor is it mandatory to visit the store for getting it ‘developed’. Then there is the inevitable hassle with the attendant for printing an un-printable frame. No, these have all gone with the wind. Today, everyone can enjoy amateur digital photography merely by pressing the shutter button. Most of the digital cameras are equipped with LCD screens that let you know your composition, what you are shooting, how much is in focus, whether heads are cut off and the quality of the picture. Nor do you have to wrestle with a light meter or break your head off, selecting the ‘speed’ of the shutter. The digital camera does all that.

Amateur digital photography is a growing hobby

Amateur digital photography is a growing hobby now as the price of digital cameras are coming down everyday and the software meant for controlling the image quality has become easier to handle for common people. In short, digital photography, so far restricted to professionals has come within the reach of amateurs who find it more and more interesting to take photos that do not involve buying costly films nor require prints that cost money too.

Another significant factor popularizing amateur digital photography is the availability of printers that support amateur digital photography that makes the availability of traditional prints easier and cheaper. Even if you do not own a printer, getting print outs are no problem since there are several outlets who cater to the needs of amateur digital photography by giving printouts from your camera’s memory card. The best part of the whole story is sharing your photos with your near and dear ones by merely uploading the photos to your PC and sending them through email!

The only flaw

Despite all the facilities involved in amateur digital photography including the ease of use, auto focusing, preview, digital prints at nominal cost, professional looking print outs, etc poster-sized print outs are still a bit of a problem. Although the software for such print outs are available now but it requires taping together a number of prints to achieve the goal.