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Black and White Photography - A Lost Art

The digital cameras available today are feature filled, and one of the neatest features I think the ability to experiment with black and white photography. Over the years this style of photo has become less and less popular. With the advent of color photos of course everyone opted for the new look. Then as it became the standard, and one hour photo labs popped up in every department and grocery store the cost to develop color images became cheaper. Now it's coming back around, some digital cameras offer a setting right inside the camera for black and white photography. If you don't have the setting inside your camera then you are able to use software to modify the images to black and white. Both ways are practical for creating black and white photos, it's just a matter of experimenting with it, I'm sure you'll like the results.

Waiting For ...While more and more people are enjoying using black and white photography for close ups, and portrait images it is somewhat of a lost art for hobby photographers. The style ads a wonderful element of mystery to the picture, something that full color just doesn't capture. It adds an intimate feel that you don't get with color. Black and white photography is especially popular for use with younger kids candid shots, and portraits.

Another great place that black and white is excellent but under used is for nature shots. Snapping a picture of a tree or single flower can make a very unique picture if taken in black and white. Something else that can take your images to the next level is by adding just a dash of color to your image after it's taken using software on your computer. For example you could add color just to one flower in a nature photo. One way to really show off the beauty of black and white photography is to hang them in groups. Taking images in time lapse style with your camera during an activity and then framing 4 or 5 of the images and hanging them in a group creates a beautiful piece of art.

So you might still prefer taking color pictures, with todays digital cameras it is easier then ever before to experiment with black and white photography. If your current camera has the feature then it won't cost you anything to just give it a try. Or if your current camera doesn't have the option you could always try editing software to change some of your current images to black and white. Take a look at the color original, and the black and white side by side. See what really stands out at your. While it's not for everyone if you love photography black and white photography is something you should try.